The Mot Popular Types Of Metal Used For The Construction Of Washers

Washers can be a great source of help to contractors, as they can create a tight seal and provide a connection that will provide years of reliable use. The most complicated part is determining the best type of washer to use for a particular project. While there are many types of materials that a washer can be constructed from, the following represent the top three. Be sure to choose a washer that is made from a material that will be appropriate for its intended use.

Brass Metal

Brass metal is an attractive option in plumbing applications because of its ability to prevent the onset of corrosion, which can cause a connection to fail and leak. They are also known for their durability and can withstand lots of abuse without being bent or misshapen. Professional plumbers should have a broad selection of brass washers available in their kit so they can secure connections easily and quickly.

Carbon Steel

Construction professionals who are looking for a washer that can provide strength and handle being exposed to outdoor elements are never disappointed with those that are constructed from carbon steel. In addition to being impact resistant, they can also withstand a significant amount of weight, which makes them perfect for commercial applications and installations.


Aluminum Round Flat Washers are a perfect solution for contractors who are looking for a lightweight washer that is quick and easy to use. While they aren’t normally a permanent solution, they are perfect for maintaining a temporary connection and creating a seal without adding a significant amount of weight. They are commonly used in the automotive industry and during the construction of furniture and other household products.

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