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The Many Uses of Rubbing Alcohol

The molecule isopropyl alcohol is commonly known as rubbing alcohol. This chemical has a close relative in the form of ethanol which is found in drinks like beer, wine, and hard liquor, or what we commonly call drinking alcohol. Although isopropyl alcohol and ethanol has many common chemical properties, rubbing alcohol cannot be consumed by humans. Rubbing alcohol is water soluble and has a low boiling point. The reason why most home has rubbing alcohol is because it is very useful for many household applications and this is due to its chemical properties.

Many times we use alcohol for cleaning things because it has the ability to do so. If you look at the ingredients of your common toilet bowl cleaner or window cleaner, you will find that it contains isopropyl alcohol. You know how sticky gum residue is like and you don’t want to encounter one because it is difficult to remove, but with rubbing alcohol, this sticky gum is easily dissolved. If you find chewing gum sticking on your hands, your floor or other surface, you know how difficult it is to remove it but it only takes a few drops of rubbing alcohol to completely remove it from your hands or any surface. Removing hairspray residue from mirrors and windows is possible with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol can also remove the fingerprints on DVDs and CDs without damaging the disc plastic.

People who love to swim know what it is like to have water stuck deep in the ear canal. It can really irritate you especially when your ears start to hurt. It is not easy to remove the water residue inside your ears and you will also find it difficult to hear. The worst thing that can happen is you get swimmers’ ear which is a painful condition brought about by having moisture inside the ear that attracts infectious pathogens.

Rubbing alcohol dropped inside the ear can actually prevent swimmers’ ear. It has been proven by scientific studies that it takes isopropyl alcohol lesser time to evaporate than it does water. So a puddle of water in the ear takes more time to evaporate than a puddle of rubbing alcohol. The mixture formed If you put alcohol inside your ear is a mixture of alcohol and water which can evaporate faster than water. Thus, the ear dries faster and infection is prevented.

With isopropyl alcohol, you can sterilize or disinfect items in your home. With isopropyl alcohol, bacteria, fungi, and viruses are killed. The reason why nurses rub their skin with alcohol before giving an injection is to clear it of pathogens. Isopropyl alcohol is also sprayed on hospital surfaces to prevent the spread of disease. Disinfecting items in our home with isopropyl alcohol is a very common practice.

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